Who are we?

We�re currently a team of two, @dibatch is one of my best friends, a designer with work experience in gaming websites design and I�m @sphearis, the developer who worked mainly in IT as a dev for the Belgian government (education) and as a regional IT manager for one of the biggest transportation company.

After 2 years of analyzing what was being made around the blockchain, we simply fell in love with what the Waves platform had to offer. As soon as I got to know it more, it motivated me to start building something. I started to work on my own .Net library which is still evolving and allowing me to create complex projects very quickly and efficiently.

I was the first to launch a Waves faucet a few days after Sasha(Alexander Ivanov), the Wavesplatform CEO, asked for it. The Wavesdrop engine is now powering several faucets efficiently with the first blockchain based security and is also able to distribute automatically any token which is fed to it.

That was the beginning of everything, I was able to interact efficiently with the platform and unleash all my ideas and blockchain innovations without losing my time with most of the technical stuff. Soon, other tools (TokenDB, node monitoring, ...) were created and all the potential, all the possibilities were uncovered. I had so many ideas that I had to write them down almost everyday. These were not only ideas, but also the complete technical plan to execute them.

A good engine by itself isn't really appealing. Having mostly my back-end development work experience I asked my best friend, who I introduced to Waves as an investor, if he wanted to help me having good looking projects. We started together and developed a few projects for tokens, communities, companies and even the Waves platform itself.

We now work as a team but we still have to work in our spare time as we have no choice but to work as employees for two different companies as we always did. That means a lot of work after our working hours and less time with our families. We'd like to dedicate ourselves to these developments and create our own company around the Waves platform.

We see our future as bright, doing something we love, bringing innovations to the Waves platfrom and helping it getting the popularity it deserves. We want to supercharge it, push its limits and lead it to mass adoption without people even noticing it. We have plans for new blockchain uses and real life applications, some of our long term projects could lead millions of users to the platform.

But this ambitious project can't be done with our actual resources, we need a proper infrastructure and enough time to dedicate to all our projects. We decided to create a whitepaper, release a prototype and participate in the startup contest organized by Icohub and the Waves platform. This is our chance, we're taking it. That's who we are.

See our project and whitepaper here