Gravit - Prototype version

What's new? (devlog)

30 August 2017

  • FEATURE: Added charts to asset pages (WAVES and BTC Dex trades).

  • FIX: Update to the decimals formula.

August 2017

  • CORE: Update to the engine and core features for more performance and compliance with the new infrastructure.

31 July 2017

  • FIX: Added Favicon.

30 July 2017

  • FEATURE: Added Realtime Twitter feed to asset pages.

  • FEATURE: Added Eth/Asset coin price and marketcap.

  • API: Added Eth/Asset coin price and marketcap to JSON.

25 July 2017

  • CONTENT: Added the JSON API documentation to the API and services page.

23 July 2017

  • FEATURE: First API version, JSON view for all assets data(including realtime market info) is now available for developers by adding &view=json to an asset url.

20 July 2017

  • BACKEND: Work on the blockchain powered ad component to make it embeddable on external websites.

  • BACKEND: Adding realtime tickers/infos capabilities to our ad rotator component.

19 July 2017

  • BACKEND: Work on the first formula for the arbitor bot/trading alert system

  • BACKEND: Work on the realtime orderbook component for the Gravit engine

18 July 2017

  • FEATURE: Added Last Dex trades in asset view

  • FIX: Minor UI improvement to asset view

  • FIX: Disabled transactions autorefresh in asset view(bugged). Updated functionality coming soon.

  • FEATURE: Added "what's new" page

  • FIX: Fixed Chatboxes in asset view

17 July 2017

  • DATA: Analyzing more trading data from the DEX to be able to have more detailed views(charts)

  • TRADES: Setting up new formulas to provide reliable trading information as well as WAVES,EURO,DOLLAR and BTC Daily volumes.

  • UX: Conversion of values to 8 decimals/financial digits on the main page.

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