Did you know?
There are 20499 address aliases on the Wavesplatform


Filling the following form will calculate your parameters results and show the command to send as attachment to enable the service.
Token name
Token total quantity (issue + reissues)
Amount of tokens for the PoS4all distribution
Interval (in days)
+ Fees TOTAL

NOTE: As we've just launched the system, processing and checking of the transactions will be made manually, the PoS distribution may take 24-48h before starting. The system will be fully automated after one month.


What is PoS4All?
PoS4All is a way to enable a proof of stake feature for any token created on the Wavesplatform.

Proof of stake provides an incentive for token holders, the more they hold on their wallet, the more they are rewarded. That means a better chance for your token to gain value as there will be more demand on the market and less sellers. That's also a very good and easy way to automatically reward your token holders.

How does it work?
Token creators can provide tokens to the PoS4All pool and set the distribution parameters, the system will activate itself and distribute automatically to every token holders, using realtime distribution information.
The parameters are:
Ratio: Set the ratio to be distributed by distribution to every wallet. For example: If the ratio is 10000, for a wallet that holds 1000 tokens, 0.1 token will be distributed at each interval to that wallet.
Interval: Set the interval (in days) between each distribution. For example, an interval of 7 will make a weekly distribution. Minimum is 1 day.

What are the fees?
Fees are automatically taken at each distribution. 2% of the distributed tokens are being transferred to us to cover the transactions and the service. 0.5% are also being sent to our investor's pool who benefit from $OCL Oceanlab token holding. If our system distributes 1000 tokens, 25 additional tokens are taken as fee.
If the address which created the PoS4All enabled token holds 10000 $OCL Oceanlab or more, fees are reduced to 1.5% (premium Oceanlab user incentive).