Create a poll in 4 easy steps:

1. Send any amount of any token(yes, really, anything) to the Gravit Bot with this text as attachment: CPOLL yourpollquestion (Example: CPOLL Who will be the man of the year in 2017?)

2. Your poll will appear in the list below(list is refreshed automatically, it may take one to two minutes). Your PollID is composed of 8 characters.

3. You still have to add choices. The command is: OPOLL YourPollID Your option (Example: OPOLL Mdf43b12 Sasha Ivanov)

4. You can share your poll URL: and ask people to vote on the blockchain!

Gravitbot Address: 3PE9n5HRUsU6kjknatxPfvam7WmKy8EJcRW

All the tokens sent to gravitbot are automatically sent back to the community through the wavesdrop faucets.

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