What's the Gravit engine?

The Waves ecosystem is pretty complex compared to other blockchains, CAT(Custom Application Tokens) are not simply a currency transfer from an address A to an address B: There are projects behind most of them, sometimes companies, specific uses, innovations and linked informations. You can't simply ignore all these and rely on a simple block explorer anymore.

The aim of the Gravit engine is to make sense out of all this complexity, know what's behind any asset, any address or any transaction in an understandable, natural language. The gravit engine (and the Gravit.ws website) have been made to provide useful information and statistics about anything that is made on the Waves platform dynamically and powered by the community and project creators themselves.

How does it work?

The Gravit engine uses a mix of blockchain published info and databases to tie technical information to their real life application. This engine is also able to provide in-depth analysis of anything which is going on on the blockchain and provide any custom statistic in realtime, at a lightning speed.

The Gravit engine is also able to interact with custom blockchain powered bots: Commands can be sent to them directly on the blockchain providing a safe, anonymous and secure way to interact with any platform created around this engine, even with custom user roles capabilities. Bots are a major part of the Gravit engine, the number of new uses and features it can bring to the platform is overwhelming. Events can be triggered for anything. We've already planned to improve them with the help of AI and machine learning.

The Gravit engine is also able to use the blockchain as an information tool, blockchain channels will be put to work very quickly, allowing anyone to see and analyze informations and any developer to work with them without relying on an API. Information is also stored permanently allowing long term statistics and analysis without any database requirement.

How will it evolve?

The Gravit Engine will need a constantly evolving infrastructure to deal with the amount of data it will manage. We'll constantly work at improving its efficiency and speed as well as finding new uses and extending its scope. We want the bots to automate companies, our future Waves and CAT payment system and also trading. Some of our community tools are already using this part of the engine. We plan to make more of them and create an API allowing you to create them for your own projects.