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Blockchain reports

The Gravit engine allows us to provide you with advanced reports about what happens on the Waves Blockchain(more blockchains coming soon as our engine is being constantly updated). You can ask us anything, leave us some time (usually a few days) and you'll receive the report you need after having paid a small fee in OCL token (determined on a case by case basis).

What can you ask? Here are some examples:
- Could you give me a list of all the trades of this particular assetpair on the Dex between the 1st of February and the 28th february?
- Could you give me a list of the 10 biggest Waves transactions that occured between the 1st March and the 15th March?
- Could you remind me what was the dex trading volume for Waves/BTC in December 2017?
- I need the real valuation of my assets to fill out my tax report, could you give me the details of the transactions that occured last year, along with the dex value at the time of the transactions?
- We need a daily distribution report from the 1st january to the 30th, could you provide it?

To ask us, simply send any transaction with your request to 3PKAQyGVHgouKPYaEDPc4XqZXhmgGTrQGEP, you can use several transactions if your message is more than 140 characters long. We'll reply with a quote in the next 48 hours and as soon as you accept it (pay for the service to the same address), the request will be treated. A link to the report will be sent to you directly on the blockchain as soon as it's done.