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We partnered with Techmedev to create our structure in Luxemburg and we're currently in contact with several institutions and companies to provide Blockchain services around the Waves platform.

Asset Infos


Asset ID: d8hq5dJER5rQSQYJn1n5YSm9PqoihkW4uZAutEKxgBo

Claim Sign in to your wallet to claim 500.0000 Wagerr (WGR) / 10.98000 Ethereum(ETH) Visit -> http://wagerr.ga

Quantity: 92233720368
Waves Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 Waves)
BTC Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 BTC)
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Faucet: Wavesdrop | Balance: 250.00046683 http://wagerr.ga

Chat channel test

To chat here, send any transaction to 3PCfphA83Yn4Ybn3h6mtYcDBebToLyhdUCE with a message beginning with http://wagerr.ga as attachment.
Links will be enabled only if you send 1 OCL with your message or if you are OCL premium.