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Asset Infos

Organic Token

Asset ID: GDbV3k7CbGjUWqWrdFLvVkqR9xdAzbjdhszsquf6Hdjd

Everyone deserves access to organically grown food no matter their financial status! No longer should healthy food be accessible to the rich and famous while poor people get sick eating fast food because of its convenience and affordability. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing the injustice and that's why Organic token was created! We want to give the everyday person the opportunity to acquire some Organic tokens knowing that this project is geared towards healthy living organically grown food and its accessibility. It is our hope that this token would grow in value in order to give each holder an opportunity of providing their families with the natural foods they never thought they could have enjoyed! There are 10 million tokens and that hard cap will never be increased.

Quantity: 10000000
Waves Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 Waves)
BTC Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 BTC)
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Faucet: Wavesdrop | Balance: 0 Organic Token
Markets (DEX)24h low: 0.01390000 | 24h high: 0.01869950 | 24h volume: 8206.45180564 Organic Token/124.50738408 WAVES

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To chat here, send any transaction to 3PCfphA83Yn4Ybn3h6mtYcDBebToLyhdUCE with a message beginning with Organic Token as attachment.
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