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Blockchain chat channels are now enabled. You can send a message by sending any transaction to this address: 3PCfphA83Yn4Ybn3h6mtYcDBebToLyhdUCE with your message as attachment. Links are enabled only if you send a transaction of 1 OCL or if the sending address is OCL premium. (holding 10000 OCL or more)

Asset Infos


Asset ID: 3EAHaZPwV5gCoWkoLhjj7rSz9ix7Q4SE6mFczoxA3f9D

Brief Waves Coin is the application of waves in brief applications

Quantity: 1000000
Waves Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 Waves)
BTC Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 BTC)
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Faucet: Wavesdrop | Balance: 2545.55 BrWaves
Markets (DEX)24h low: 0.00000001 | 24h high: 0.00000042 | 24h volume: 866613710.000 BrWaves/13.01957107 WAVES

Chat channel BrWaves

To chat here, send any transaction to 3PCfphA83Yn4Ybn3h6mtYcDBebToLyhdUCE with a message beginning with BrWaves as attachment.
Links will be enabled only if you send 1 OCL with your message or if you are OCL premium.