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Asset Infos


Asset ID: 2sikuhpBdZV2x5gHoA7adCStxuTSJ8m6r4hSRDLKz2zN

Waves Cash is a digital asset that is used to transfer money or pay for goods and services.   1 wcash = 1 Dollar The Dollar is the base currency of this digital asset. The company WavesBank.es is responsible for the sale of assets Waves Cash (wcash). WavesBank will open branches around the world where these (wcash) can be exchanged for the local currency. Waves Cash es un activo digital que se utiliza para transferir dinero o pagar bienes y servicios. 1 wcash = 1 Dolar El Dolar es la moneda base de este activo digital. La empresa WavesBank.es encargada de la venta del activo Waves Cash (wcash). WavesBank abrirá sucursales por todo el mundo donde estos (wcash) podrán cambiarse por moneda local. www.wavesbank.es contact@wavesbank.es

Quantity: 1000000000
Waves Value: 0.00000850 (Marketcap 8500 Waves)
BTC Value: 0.00000000 (Marketcap 0 BTC)