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Blockchain chat channels are now enabled. You can send a message by sending any transaction to this address: 3PCfphA83Yn4Ybn3h6mtYcDBebToLyhdUCE with your message as attachment. Links are enabled only if you send a transaction of 1 OCL or if the sending address is OCL premium. (holding 10000 OCL or more)

3PCfMZPhsySM5HQsv7Kxc1JgJJCtWca8uof (3PCfMZPh...tWca8uof)

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08/13/2018 11:45 - TX BM7v2oBJv8EaEArB3VK9HP2MG4fUEQw9u5JQs4SsKi2u
3PCfMZPhsySM5HQsv7Kxc1JgJJCtWca8uof sent 13.79143925 Waves to 3PGW7h8fCYUyFVtRvkgHf3Jarupz2GwRe79
08/10/2018 12:16 - TX Bk1FwRwemfVwuaeCiJWG31DNfoqyHiNr3726UNTRZmLD
3P4agDFFgE82QX5EnFyEvb4ZLNPeiw1rpRh sent 17.01000000 Waves to 3PCfMZPhsySM5HQsv7Kxc1JgJJCtWca8uof