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We're already working on our first smart contracts for the Waves platform to replace most of our actual scripts and create brand new features.

3P2foztjxHYTjM4XLT6pnYQKb8dt1MmGxR9 (3P2foztj...t1MmGxR9)

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09/14/2018 16:40 - TX 9o1nNSDWhMqr1rK8fnybA4WoweMCGsvLcLoA9Beizsdu
3PBtWLb6pgMtPaMmo9gK2JtvK3vY2KMNhbC sent 0.01000000 Waves to 3P2foztjxHYTjM4XLT6pnYQKb8dt1MmGxR9