API and services

JSON Wavesplatform Asset API

The first version of our API is available, retrieve all information about an asset including realtime trading information in JSON format by adding &view=json to any asset url (for example https://gravit.ws/asset.aspx?asset=HzfaJp8YQWLvQG4FkUxq2Q7iYWMYQ2k8UF89vVJAjWPj&view=json)

Data provided in the JSON

Marketcap for the Asset/BTC pair on the DEX. (=quantity*BTCprice)
assetIDThe Asset unique identifier
nameThe Asset name
descriptionThe asset's full description
websiteThe website URL(if provided)
officialOFF=Flagged as official, meaning that the assetID has been confirmed by the team in charge of the linked project. (Gravit Green mark)
UNK=Unknown, meaning that no information has been provided by the creator or project or that its use is unknown (Neutral)
FAK=Marked as fake, mimicking an official asset on the Waves blockchain or an external cryptocurrency in order to fool people into buying it for the real asset price.
basequantityQuantity of tokens released when the asset has been created.
reissuedQuantity of tokens reissued since the asset creation.
quantityTotal quantity including reissues (=basequantity+reissued)
decimalsNumber of decimals this asset has been created with.
WavespriceLast effective buy price on the DEX for the Asset/Waves pair.
WavesmarketcapMarketcap for the Asset/Waves pair on the DEX. (=quantity*Wavesprice)
BTCPriceLast effective buy price on the DEX for the Asset/BTC pair.
EuropriceLast effective buy price on the DEX for the Asset/Euro pair.
EuromarketcapMarketcap for the Asset/Euro pair on the DEX. (=quantity*Europrice)
DollarpriceLast effective buy price on the DEX for the Asset/Dollar pair.
DollarmarketcapMarketcap for the Asset/Dollar pair on the DEX. (=quantity*Dollarprice)

JSON Output Example:

"assetID": "HzfaJp8YQWLvQG4FkUxq2Q7iYWMYQ2k8UF89vVJAjWPj",
"name": "Mercury",
"description": "https://darcr.us",
"website": "",
"official": "OFF",
"basequantity": "50000000",
"reissued": "0",
"quantity": "50000000",
"decimals": "8",
"Wavesprice": "0.00320002",
"Wavesmarketcap": "160001",
"BTCprice": "0.00000386",
"BTCmarketcap": "193",
"Europrice": "0.00000010",
"Euromarketcap": "5",
"Dollarprice": "0.00000010",
"dollarmarketcap": "5"

Blockchain channel API will be provided in the first 6 months, allowing any user to create his own information channel on the blockchain.

Bot system API and service will be created in the first year, allowing anyone to setup custom blockchain triggers and automation.

Our philosophy: If we create a tool or a feature, we make it useable to the public. Public services and APIs will be at the center of our developments. We want to make of Gravit the most useful set of blockchain tools.