April features update | TokenDB | PoS4All | Advanced blockchain reports
Gravit updates for the end of 2018: Crypto news and crypto trading alerts integration (also included in our search engine), ability to look for addresses and transactions on other blockchains (ETH, BTC, ... )

Gravit feature update: April 2018

Renewed chat engine :
- Chat almost everywhere Gravit, channels are automatically generated and managed for new assets
- Publish links (referrals, promotional, community, Waves and Oceanlab news, Tweets, pictures, …) by sending 1 OCL with your message or being a premium OCL holder (holding more than 10000 OCL on the sending address). Any abuse will lead to a permanent ban of the sending address.
- Integration with the Gravit engine (Address aliases are managed)
- Easy to integrate into your own websites, messages are stored clearly on the blockchain, you just have to create a component able to show attachments as messages (we’re working on one open source version ourselves to use these channels and also on a blockchain powered encryption engine).
- Early version of swear and spam management integrated.
- Beneficial to Waves and Oceanlab ecosystems: Leading to a large amount of transactions for the community to express itself. Using Waves as fee and OCL to post links.
- Part of the OCL collected will be redistributed to the OCL holders pool (manually at first, then automatically with a smart contract we’re already working on).

TokenDB is back :
- The easy to use Token Database is back and will allow you to discover easily all the tokens available on the Waves platform !

Advanced blockchain reports :
- New on-demand service is available due to several improvements in our Gravit Engine and the release of the hybrid version.
- Advanced stats computing and data reports generation are available for any token on the Waves platform (Including on Waves itself).
- Get a customized report by asking us the relevant information you need : What was the biggest Waves transaction between the 2nd of April and the 3rd?, How much volume was there on a specific assetpair daily in February ?, Can you get me a list of the transactions from my last mass distribution ?
- Quotes and delay will depend on the data needed, all fees payment are made in OCL tokens
- Some frequently asked reports will be automated and published for any premium enabled assets in the near future (asset creation address will have to hold 10000 OCL or more in order to benefit from the automated reports)

Fixes :
- Search engine : Better reliability with direct blockchain queries (hybrid engine)
- Search engine : Fake flagged tokens aren’t shown in search results, data update has started
- Search engine : UX and submission problems fixed
- Home page : Engine improvements for faster loading times
- Home Page : Hybrid engine using direct blockchain queries and local databases to always show up to date information and be able to process data sets for stats and analytics very fast and efficently.
- Home page : Small redesign to provide a more consistent and simpler UI
- Home page : Links added to the TokenDB, feature update and advanced reports form
- Assets pages : Realtime market valuation charts for some assets (Candles data coming from the DEX)
- Assets pages : Link to realtime distribution for all assets enabled again (and totally free to use)
- Assets pages : Website and Twitter integration (Data update has started)
- Address pages : You can now hide any asset from the list
- Address pages : Valuation per asset is now more precise, taking into account the recent market activity.
- Address pages : Address created assets are now showing up correctly
- Address pages : Last address transactions are now showing up correctly (Up to 100 transactions are shown for OCL premium addresses, other addresses are limited to the 10 latest transactions.)
- PoS4All : Updated with the latest information about the service, activation mode has changed and fees have to be paid by those who want to use the service (in OCL). All current PoS4All assets remain active and unchanged.
- Transaction pages : A bug has been eliminated where some valid transactions under some circumstances could lead to an error

What’s next ?
Chat system extension with the ability to post images, reply, upvote/downvote and use hashtags
Banner Ad system to publish real ads on Oceanlab websites (gravit, wavesdrop and more to come. Service subscription in OCL only)
Developer toolbox
Other blockchains integration in the Gravit engine, directly benefiting from all the current features of search and stats/reports generation (Ethereum and others planned)
User social profile linked to Waves address (profile pictures, bio, messages/chat and shares)